Water Conservation

Conservation Oriented Rate Structure

Rate structures play an important role in communicating the value of water to customers, and also encouraging responsible use of water. A Conservation-Oriented Rate Structure is when the rate of water increases as the amount of water used by a customer increases. In other words, when a customer uses higher volumes of water, they enter into a new “tier” of water rates and therefore pay more per unit of water. Some of the benefits of conservation-oriented rate structures are:

  1. Reducing peak usage
  2. Reducing seasonal usage
  3. Rewarding efficient users
  4. Reducing the total system demand
  5. Communicating an overall conservation consciousness

Arizona Water Company designed its conservation-oriented rate structure so that water used for basic and essential needs is affordable and costs less than water used for discretionary or non-essential needs. This is important to protect lifeline uses of water and help people save money when they take water conservation actions. To see the tiers of the conservation-oriented rate structure in your community, click on Water Rates above and select your community. You can also call your local AWC office and our friendly CSRs will explain the conservation-oriented rate structure to you as well.