Development Services FAQ

  • Q: How long does it take to receive a response from Arizona Water Company once I submit my Residential Water Service Information Request Form?
    A: The average turn-around time for a formal response from Arizona Water Company is 45 business days from receipt of complete information. To view a timeline of the process, view the flowchart.
  • Q: How do I know what meter size I need for my property?
    A: When completing the Water Service Information Request form, complete the fixture count section to determine the meter size required for the property.
  • Q: What is considered a temporary water service?
    A: Any service to a property that is a second service (non-primary) is considered to be a temporary water service. Examples of temporary water service would be service to a barn, tool shop, guest house, landscape, etc. Temporary water service requires an approved and compliant backflow prevention device prior to establishing water service.
  • Q: What is a backflow prevention device?

    To keep the water supply safe from contaminants that could be introduced into the water system through backflow, back siphonage, or back pressure from a customer’s plumbing system, Arizona Water Company administers the Cross-Connection Control Program in compliance with Arizona Administrative Code on Backflow Prevention (R18-4-215)

    The program requires the installation, testing, and maintenance of approved backflow prevention assemblies on required plumbing systems. Customers must have their backflow assembly inspected and tested annually. Arizona Water Company will notify customers annually by mail when the inspections and tests are due. Customers are responsible for choosing, hiring, and paying their backflow tester to inspect, test, and repair, (if necessary), their backflow assembly. Please visit Backflow Prevention/Cross-Connection Control - Arizona Water Company for more information.

  • Q: My property is currently being split, can I still apply for water service?
    A: When completing the Water Service Information Request form, please include a copy of the proposed property split. A preliminary cost estimate will be provided; however, prior to providing an Agreement the property split must be recorded and updated with the designated county and parcel numbers issued per parcel.
  • Q: What are the payment options?

    Arizona Water Company accepts personal check, money order, and cashiers checks for the payment of fees due for Agreements provided by Development Services.

    Once you have established water service with the local office, you can use the additional payment options listed in Accounts and Billing, Pay a Bill - Arizona Water Company

  • Q: Is my cost estimate still valid?

    The Cost Estimate provided is based on information you provided to Arizona Water Company (the "Company"). Labor cost estimates are based on previous contract costs in the area of the property, and material prices are current, but subject to change. Cost estimates are valid for 30 days from the date provided.

    Please contact [email protected] to confirm the cost is valid prior to submitting signed agreements with payment to Arizona Water Company.

  • Q: Can I install my own waterline?
    A: Public water facilities installed to provide water service to your property are installed by Arizona Water Company staff or Arizona Water Company qualified and approved Contractor.
  • Q: Where do I send my signed agreements with my payment?
    A: Please return signed original agreements with requested payments to
    Attention: Development Services
    3805 N. Black Canyon Hwy.
    Phoenix, AZ 85015
  • Q: Why do I need a shut off valve?

    Arizona Corporation Commission Regulation R14-2-405-B-3: “Where service is being provided for the first time, the customer shall provide and maintain a private shutoff valve within 18 inches of the meter on the customer’s side of the meter, and the utility shall provide a like valve on the utility’s side of such meter”. A shut off valve is required within 18 inches of the meter box on the customer’s side.

    Customer Side Shut Off Valve
  • Q: Does my property have a Certificate of Assured Water Supply?

    The Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) Assured and Adequate Water Supply programs were created to address the problem of limited groundwater supplies in Arizona. Both the Assured and Adequate Water Supply programs evaluate the availability of a 100-year water supply considering current and committed demand, as well as growth projections.

    Please contact the Arizona Department of Water Resources for further assistance.

    AAWS Overview | Arizona Department of Water Resources (
    [email protected]
    (602) 771-8599