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Note: The determination of the method of service and the preliminary cost estimate to serve this property are based on the information you provide. If the property is split in a manner different than that indicated on the Water Service Information Request form, the method of service and preliminary cost estimate may need to be revised. Water service to your property may require easements, a main extension agreement, a conditional water service agreement, a temporary service agreement and backflow prevention devices. By signing below you certify to the best of your knowledge that the information provided by you is true and accurate.

Disclaimer: The method of service determinations and preliminary cost estimates are preliminary in nature and may not represent actual costs of method of service. Please be advised that the actual cost of establishing service to your property can only be determined upon receiving an application for service, payment of all required deposits and fees and receipt of bids from contractors.

Response time:
Please allow up to 45 business days to complete the Water Service Information Request prior to contacting the Company.